Dalian Polytechnic University


Founded in October 1958, DPU Library was originally named Library of Shenyang Institute of Light Industry. At the end of 1970, it was moved to Dalian city and named Library of Dalian Institute of Light Industry; it was renamed Library of Dalian Polytechnic University in March, 2007. After more than fifty years’ development and construction, DPU Library’s scale has been enlarged continuously, the expenditure on books has been increased year by year and the operating condition has been improved constantly.

Covering an area of 14,000 square meters, the new branch of DPU Library was built in May 2004. It was a five-storey building topped by glass, with two sightseeing elevators inside. There is an on-line retrieval room, a Chinese & foreign books & periodicals reading room, an electronic reading room, etc.. It provides about 2000 seats for readers. Equipped with about 100 computers, the electronic reading room serves readers with electronic literature reading.

By 2015, DPU Library has possessed 660,000 books in total. It has been strengthening the construction of literature resources. At the same time, it has been focusing on the construction of digital library, aiming to form the synchronous development of paper literature collection and electronic literature collection. 19 Chinese and foreign data bases have been bought by DPU library, among which there are 1090,000 electronic books. Additionally, the featured data base of DPU has been constructed independently.

At present, DPU Library has a staff of 45, of whom 12 people are of senior academic titles and 21 people are of junior academic titles. Of the staff, 9 people possess postgraduate diplomas and 27 people possess bachelor’s diplomas.

DPU Library’s collection of books and periodicals are mainly on the key disciplines such as biology, food, textile, papermaking, art and design, which has initially formed its distinctive collection system.

    DPU Library is open from Monday to Sunday.