Dalian Polytechnic University

Collaboration Programmes

  The cooperative program for undergraduates in Graphic Arts and Fashion Design between Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU) and University of Southampton (UoS) received the Chinese-foreign cooperation project ratification of People’s Republic of China issued by the Ministry of Education in 2001 (Ratification No. MOE21GB2A20111123N, MOE21GB2A20111124N). This project is the first Chinese-foreign educational joint program between one of the top 100 universities in the world and a university in Liaoning province. It is also one of the first BA in art programmes in Liaoning province. Since the release of the Regulation for Chinese-foreign Cooperative Educational Programme, DPU has become one of the first universities to have joint programmes in Liaoning Province


  The Art Design Programme and the Fashion Design Programme of DPU were appraised as specialties with A+ level nationwide. DPU is now in the top 5% of universities in China to offer these programmes. The School of Fashion in DPU has also been ranked as a “Top Ten Famous Chinese Fashion Schools”. The University of Southampton was ranked the 15th in the British University Rankings of 2009. It was also honored as one of the “Outstanding 100” universities in the world in 2007 and 2008. In the 2011 QS World University League Rankings, Southampton University gained its place in the world’s top 75 universities.

  The programme introduces high-quality educational resources from UoS, with the best teaching facilities and staff from both sides, following the international educational mode and with an international vista. The programme is aiming to foster our students into talented experts with an understanding of both the Chinese and western designing ideals, with a creative yet practical approach to design.


  1.Students benefit from the quality teaching resources and methods from both countries.

  2.The programme provide specially-catered English courses for the first and second year students, to make sure that they can cope with their major-related English and to lay the foundation for life and study abroad.

  3.One third of the core courses are taught by English professors and experts.


  In the 4-year university education, students do not have to study abroad to receive the high-quality education from a prestigious university. They are also provided with the opportunity to study at the University of Southampton. Not only can the students learn their academic skills and knowledge, they can also greatly improve their English level: this makes them more competitive in the job market.

After the 4-year education, the students who earn the required credits and pass the exams can receive the bachelor degrees from both DPU and UoS.

  Module Introduction

  1. BA(Hons) Graphic Arts

  Graphic Arts aims to develop ambitious and confident students who are able to compete in and contribute to the media and communications industries. They will be encouraged to develop their creative skills as well as employability skills such as strategic thinking and responsible problem-solving. There is a high emphasis on studio practice, technical-workshops and live projects inspired by industry, and these will provide them with the opportunity to create ambitious work. Specialist training in a supportive environment provides the critical input for them to develop a refined portfolio of contemporary designs.

  2. BA(Hons) Fashion Design

  Fashion Design stimulates students’ exploration of fashion and helps them develop industry standard skills and techniques. Specially designed projects will challenge established thinking and will enhance their understanding of this complex subject. Studio-based activities and workshops will encourage their experience of practical techniques such as flat pattern cutting and fashion illustration. The teaching is of the highest calibre and aims to inspire both imaginative study of this dynamic and fast-moving area of the creative industries, and the development of a high-quality portfolio of fashion designs.


  Programme Scope

  Undergraduate study and Bachelor degree

  Duration:4 years

  Educational mode

  The cooperation operates based on a 4+0 program. Students can finish their courses here in DPU. Or they can apply for a further study at UoS after a 2-year study in DPU when they pass the assessments.

  Degree granting

  After studying the required courses and receiving the credits, the students will receive the certificate of undergraduate and bachelor’s degree of Dalian Polytechnic University and bachelor’s degree of the UoS. (NB: Only the certificate of bachelor’s degree is granted in the granting system of higher education in foreign countries instead of both the certificate of undergraduate and bachelor’s degree in China.)