Dalian Polytechnic University


Liaoning Provincial Innovation Teams

New Type Industrial Assistants & Waste Resource Utilization

Pulping & Paper-Making’s Clean Production Technology

Research & Application of Distinctive Innovative Enzyme

Control of Microbe Fermentation & Replacement

Microbe Resources & Biocatalysis Technology

Deep Processing of Farm (Aquatic) Product-

Biology Technology and Control of Food Safety & Quality

Green Processing Technology of Textile Material

DPU Innovation Teams

Functional Materials’ Synthesis & Property Research 

Ecomaterials & Environmental Catalysis

Fine Chemicals’ Synthesis & Application

Green Chemistry Technology

Research & Development of Green Paper-Making & Biomass-Based Functional Materials

Research of Refinement & New Polymerization of Natural High Polymer

Comprehensive Utilization of Plant Fiber Resources

Pulping & Paper-Making’s Clean Production and Plant Fiber’s Utilization for Higher Value

Research & Application of Typical Marine Organism’s Functional Gene at Coastal Areas in North China

Enzyme Engineering & New Product of Fermentation

Biocatalysis & Bioanalysis

Microbe Resources & Biocatalysis

Officinal Plant Research

Specific Enzyme for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbal Medicine

Biology Technology and Control of Food Safety & Quality

Food Quality & Safety Orientation

Utilization of Probiotics & Protein Resources

Plant Resources Chemistry & Utilization

Glass & Optoelectronic Materials

Textile Clean Processing Technology

Industrial Textile Science & Technology

Functional Fiber & Functional Composite Material

Green Textile

Ecological Environment & Composite Functional Material of New Type

Research & Application of Advanced Polymer Material

New Energy Material & Industrial Ceramics

Seafood Machinery Equipment & Matching Technology

Electromechanical Control Technology

Special Precision Processing & Equipment Research

Advanced Cutter Technology

Electric Energy Conversion & System Control

Photoelectric Material & Semiconductor Lighting Device

Optical Products & Luminous Environment Testing

Integrated Measurement & Control Technology

Quantum Optics & Informatics

Research of Database & Information System

Information Security

Research of Informatization & Intelligence Technology’s Application 

Creative Industry & Innovative Design

Contemporary Digital Media & Arts

Theory & Practice of Landscape Architecture Art

Innovation of Public Space Design

Technical Service for Environmental Art Design

Research of Science & Technology Pushing the Innovative Development of Art & Design

Research of Fashion Trappings Culture

Fashion Trappings Culture and Science & Technology

Fashion Design

Comprehensive Research of Liaoning Provincial Culture & Art

Industry Innovation & Enterprise Development

Management & Development of Human Resources

Cooperative Innovation & Management

Research of Foreign Languages, Culture & Translation