Dalian Polytechnic University


  DPU has been persisting in the cooperation of productionacademy and research. In recent years, DPU has undertaken 67 Chinese national programs such as “973” program, “863” program, National Natural Science Foundation program. About 5000 academic papers have been published, among which 800 academic papers have been incorporated by the three major retrievals inChina. About 400 items have gained Chinese national patents of invention and 48 science & technology awards of national, provincial (ministerial) and municipal level have been gained. Professor Zhu Beiwei gained “Science & Technology Innovation Award” of He Liang & He Li Fund in 2008, and “Science & Technology Feat Award” of Dalian City in 2009. As the first-place finisher, DPU has totally gained three national awards, among which respectively in 2003 and in 2005, DPU won the second prize of “National Award for Technology Invention” and in 2010, DPU won the second prize of “National Prize for Progress in Science & Technology”. DPU has been awarded by the State Council, Liaoning provincial government and Dalian municipal government. DPU possesses nine national research platforms: National Engineering Research Center of Seafood, National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Marine Active Polysaccharide’s Development & Application Technology, Shellfish Specialty Branch Center of Farm Product Processing Technology’s Research & Development under Ministry of Agriculture of China, International Technological Cooperation Base for Rare Seafood---Deep Processing, National Food Engineering Technology Transfer Center, and National Public Service Model Platform for Small & Medium Sized Business. DPU also has one research base for Liaoning Provincial economy & social development, five Liaoning Provincial key laboratories, four key laboratories of universities in Liaoning Province, ten provincial engineering research centers, fifteen municipal engineering research centers & laboratories