Dalian Polytechnic University

About Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU)

Founded in 1958, Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU), was one of the four earliest institutes of light industry inChina. It was subordinated to Chinese Ministry of Light Industry. In 1998 its managing system was transferred to the joint construction by Chinese central government and local government, with Liaoning Provincial government playing a major role. Approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, Dalian Institute of Light Industry was renamed Dalian Polytechnic University in March, 2007. Over the half past century, in DPU six major disciplines have been developing harmoniously, including engineering (the key discipline), science, art, literature, management and economics. DPU features cultivating professional talents in the fields of light industry, textile process, food science, art so on. About 60000 talents in various fields have been cultivated by DPU in the past years.

DPU possesses three doctorate authorization disciplines of first grade, one post-doctoral research station, thirteen master’s degree disciplines of first grade, nine enrollment fields of Master of Engineering, one degree authorization point of Master of Arts and one degree authorization point of Master of Agriculture Popularization. Additionally, DPU possesses five key disciplines of Liaoning Province and her three disciplines of first grade have been evaluated as first-class characteristic disciplines of the universities in Liaoning Province.

In DPU, there are 15 schools (departments), 50 undergraduate specialties and two Sino-Foreign cooperative specialties. In the national “Undergraduate Teaching Project”, DPU possesses one experimental specialty which belongs to the first batch of comprehensive reform of undergraduate specialties of local universities. One specialty of DPU has passed the engineering education certification of Ministry of Education ofChina. DPU also has seven experimental specialties in the “Excellence Plan” of Ministry of Education of China, three national education centers of engineering practice, one national model center of experimental teaching, seven characteristic specialties of Liaoning Province, four ascendant characteristic specialties of Liaoning Province, four experimental specialties in the comprehensive reform of Liaoning Province, five experimental specialties in the cultivation mode reform of engineering talents, two specialties strongly supported by Liaoning Province, one experimental specialty in the education reform of innovation & entrepreneurship, seven practical education bases for college students of Liaoning Province, seven Liaoning provincial model centers of experimental teaching, four virtual simulated experimental teaching centers of Liaoning Province. Meanwhile several design specialties of DPU have been evaluated Aclass specialties , ranking among the top 5% of the same specialties in China. DPU is qualified to recommend her excellent bachelors of fresh graduates to study for master degrees, who are exempted from entrance examination. At present, DPU has about 16000 full-time undergraduates and about 1600 postgraduates. Every year about 400 international students are enrolled by DPU.

Now DPU possesses about 900 full-time teachers, among whom there is one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, about 400 professors & associate professors, about 300 supervisors for master students & doctoral students (including the external supervisors), eleven “Famous Teachers” of Liaoning Province, five “Specialty Leaders” of universities in Liaoning Province, two “Enterprising Scholars” of universities in Liaoning Province, 17 teachers listed in the Hundred-Level of “Hundred-Thousand-10 Thousand Talents Project” of Liaoning Province, one “Pilot Talent” of Liaoning Province, two “Excellent Experts” of Liaoning Province, 28 experts enjoying Special Government Allowance from the State Council and five “Distinguished Visiting Professors” of Liaoning Province.

DPU possesses seven national research platforms: National Engineering Research Center of Seafood, National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Marine Active Polysaccharide’s Development & Application Technology, Shellfish Specialty Branch Center of Farm Product Processing Technology’s Research & Development under Ministry of Agriculture of China, International Technological Cooperation Base for Deep-Processing Rare Seafood, National Food Engineering Technology Transfer Center, and National Public Service Model Platform for Small & Medium Sized Business. DPU also has one research base for Liaoning Provincial economy & social development, five Liaoning Provincial key laboratories, four key laboratories of universities in Liaoning Province, ten provincial engineering research centers, twelve municipal engineering research centers & laboratories, and three social sciences research bases of Dalian Municipal Association of Social Sciences.

DPU has been persisting in the cooperation of production-academy-research. In recent years, DPU has undertaken 67 Chinese national programs such as “973” program, “863” program, National Natural Science Foundation program. About 5000 academic papers have been published, among which 800 academic papers have been incorporated by the three major retrievals inChina. About 400 items have gained Chinese national patents of invention and 48 science & technology awards of national, provincial (ministerial) and municipal level have been gained. Professor Zhu Beiwei gained “Science & Technology Innovation Award” of He Liang & He Li Fund in 2008, and “Science & Technology Feat Award” of Dalian City in 2009. Respectively in 2003 and in 2005, DPU won the second prize of “National Award for Technology Invention”. In 2010, DPU won the second prize of “National Prize for Progress in Science & Technology”. DPU has been awarded by the State Council, Liaoning provincial government and Dalian municipal government.

Journal of Dalian Polytechnic University hosted by DPU has been continuously incorporated by “Catalogue of Chinese Key Academic Periodicals”(edited by Peking University), “Characteristic Scientific & Technological Periodicals of Chinese Universities”, “Scientific & Technological Key Periodicals of China”, “RCCSE Chinese Key Academic Periodicals”, and “First-Class Periodicals of Liaoning Province”. Journal of DPU has been awarded “ ‘Perfect· Excellent· Characteristic’ Scientific & Technological Periodicals of Chinese Universities Prize”, “Characteristic Scientific & Technological Periodicals of Chinese Universities Prize”, “High Qualified Edition of Scientific & Technological Periodicals of Chinese Universities Prize”. It has also been incorporated by Chemical Abstracts (U.S.A.), Abstracts Journal (Russia), Food Science & Technology Abstracts (U.K.), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (U.K.), Index of Copernicus (Poland), Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (Web) (U.S. A.) and other important international retrieval systems.

DPU has been attaching importance to the quality of talents cultivating. In 2011, DPU was ratified to become one of the second batch of pilot universities in the “Excellent Engineers Education & Cultivation Plan” of Ministry of Education ofChina. In 2014, DPU was ratified to become one of the first batch of pilot universities in the “Education & Cultivation Plan of Excellent Agriculture & Forestry”. In DPU four national characteristic specialties are being constructed. In addition, DPU possesses the national innovative experimental area for art & design talents cultivation mode in ecological teaching system. In DPU, the talents cultivation base for undergraduates in short supply and the art & design talents cultivation base greatly constructed by Liaoning Province. In recent years, DPU has undertaken about 180 national & provincial teaching reform projects; she has also gained one second prize of national teaching achievements awards and 44 provincial teaching achievements awards. DPU has about 40 national and provincial excellent courses, among which there are two provincial excellent open video courses and seven provincial excellent courses of shared resources. DPU has one national excellent textbook, nine provincial excellent textbooks, eleven national textbooks of the Twelfth Five Year Plan and twenty-nine provincial textbooks of the Twelfth Five Year Plan. DPU possesses one national teaching team, five provincial teaching teams, four innovation teams of universities in Liaoning Province. DPU School of Fashion has been ranked in China’s Top Ten Fashion Schools” and “Advanced Group of Chinese Education System”.

In 2005, of the eight universities originally subordinated to Ministry of Light Industry of China, DPU was the first one to gain “excellence” in the undergraduate teaching assessment by Ministry of Education of China and ranked among the first batch of Liaoning Provincial universities to gain “excellence” in that assessment. In 2006, DPU became one of the first batch of “Liaoning Provincial Model Schools of College Students’ Entrepreneurship Education”. In 2008, 24 students of DPU were selected as etiquette guides in Beijing Olympic Games and DPU takes the first place in the number of students selected among the universities inChina. In recent years, students of DPU have gained many awards in the large competitions such as “National ‘Freescale’ Smart Car Competition”, “National On-line Business Innovation Competition”, “National ‘Challenge Cup’ Competition of College Student’s Entrepreneurship Plan”, “National Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students” and “Liaoning Provincial Competition for College Students”.

Conforming to the trend of internationalizing higher education, DPU has carried on communication and cooperation with about 30 universities inU.S.A.,U.K., France,Japan,South Koreaand other countries or regions, including communication between teachers and students, scientific research and various kinds of international academic conferences. In recent years, about 1200 international students have been admitted by DPU accumulatively. DPU has carried on “2+2”Joint Cultivation Programs with eight universities inU.K.,U.S.A.,Australiaand other countries. DPU has carried on “2+1”Joint Postgraduate Cultivation Programs with universities inU.K.andItaly. DPU has carried on Exchange Students Programs with universities inSweden,JapanandSouth Korea. Since 2011, approved by Ministry of Education ofChina, DPU has been undertaking the two cooperative undergraduate education programs (Visual Communication Specialty, Fashion & Fashion Design Specialty) with University of Southampton, one of the top 100 universities in the world, which has expanded the form of international cooperative school-running.

     Holding the school motto---“wide learning & profound thinking, practice emphasizing & innovation achieving”, following the school running concept in the new age---“people-oriented, connotation strengthening, characteristics highlighting, innovative pioneering”, DPU has continuously developed with China’s advancement and modernization progress and has made active contribution to talent cultivation, scientific research, culture inheritance, social service, etc.. In the new historical phase, implementing scientific outlook on development, DPU will further strengthen the connotation construction and improve the school-running quality. Sparing no effort, DPU aims to become a featured teaching-researching university of high level, whose characteristic disciplines take a lead inChinaand dominant disciplines take the first place inChina, which will make her famous inChinaand influential in the world. DPU will also develop into an important talents-cultivating base forChina’s consumption industry, a center of scientific research & development and a center of academic communication.